About Me

ClaireArnott_-2868 (2)I am a West Midlands based yoga teacher, holistic health coach, avid whole foodie and devoted Mummy of two.

I founded Sky Blue Yoga in Stafford in 2015 and its grown into a vibrant exciting yoga community.

I trained at Teach LliV, a leading Yoga studio and teacher training facility. I am affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA accredited to teach worldwide and I continue my professional development with regular London based training.  I teach powerful Vinyasa Flow classes that challenge mind and body, athletic in nature, with aspects of relaxation; you will sweat and leave my classes feeling refreshed and invigorated. I am a member of REPS (Register for exercise professionals) and REPS liability insured.

Please check out my blog where  I endeavor to share yoga related interesting and informative articles inspired by my own experience or from sound and reliable sources that I value or enjoy. Any recipes that I share I have tried & tested (usually several times) or are recipes I’ve created or developed myself. Please do follow, comment, share and get involved.

About Yoga: Yoga has a myriad of styles, tools and techniques, it is something that everyone and anyone can benefit from. I am especially passionate about the next generation growing up with yoga tools in their well-being toolbox. Move beyond the cliche’s and hippy connotations of yoga, its not all ‘chanting and whale song’ though plenty of it is and great fun too. Embrace practices like Mindfulness, Pranayama and Asana and utilize them to enhance your life, values and goals. An ancient practice it may be, that now has a very practical application in modern life for improved Mental & Physical health.


My background: I trained and worked as a professional dancer eventually moving on from dance into a corporate design career. London based I worked alongside & lead design teams for some of the world’s most prestigious residential properties, it was creatively fulfilling but all-consuming and left me searching for natural ways to combat stress & fatigue.

My now; Yoga bought me deeper fulfillment and guided me to re-evaluate what ‘success’ means. Meditation, breath work and yoga complemented my fascination with whole food nutrition and combined they have allowed me to move into a phase of my life, nourishing my family, living with passion and sharing my experiences through teaching.


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