Nourish 365 – powerful and lasting change with the flexibility to play, learn and grow!

Happy New Year everybody! Are you getting into the swing of 2015? Is your January well under way with intentions and actions for an exciting and energetic year?

It’s about this positive action taking that i’m thoughtful today.

I’m always reminded this time of year how much people do want to take empowering action towards better well being, be that reducing stress, weight loss, general health or simply more playtime and less work.

It is however also a time of year consistent with the idea of giving things up, detoxing ourselves, purging ourselves, rebounding Christmases excesses and taking on extremes that frankly any other month of the year just wouldn’t cut it. The hot yoga industry booms. Gym memberships start there attack on bank balances everywhere as we seize this opportunity to harness our motivation and momentum to maximum results.

But how easily and how often, each and  every January we set ourselves up for long term failure!? Or at least we make it REALLY tough on ourselves to instigate lasting resolution. Taking on intensive regimes rather than adding sustainable ones and resorting to our old behaviors with a sense of disappointment and dismay.

The PROBLEM per say is that we fixate on what we must banish and rid from our lives rather than bringing powerful mindful attention to what we can sustainably add or create.

We fixate on the foods we’ve banned, the weight we must lose, the detox we must finish before returning to the processed foods or the TV evenings because our very natures just hate to be denied. If we come from a place of ‘Must’ and ‘have to’, we rid ourselves of choice. If we come from a place of scarcity our ancient nature will seek out thriving survival at every moment. We set ourselves up for concious and unconsious rebellion and spirals of later self sabotage.

When we ‘fixate’ on what we can add to our daily lives, SIMPLE positive habits and behaviors, we set ourselves foundations to build on. We can begin to ‘crowd out’ the other less helpful, less productive habits for true long term change.  The secret is to look specifically at what we can add, a handful of changes inline with our desires and let the other stuff fall away to make room for whats serving us better.

So this term ‘crowding out’ I first came across in Nutrition circles but I’ve realised it works in many areas of well being and health.

The ‘CROWDING OUT’ concept in Nutrition is that as we add healthy highly nutritious foods to our diets – more leafy greens, more healthy fats, more home made meals, more juices and smoothies and as we become more familiar with these new foods, nourished by there quality and observant of there positive effects, the processed stuff starts to drop away, our appetite is reduced and our palette transforms. We create consistent change without the denial, allowing ourselves indulgences when we really crave them and letting nature do its thing. We consciously and very resolutely stick to the new healthy additions as planned and make new additions as we progress. We shift our focus to all the good things we can have and the powerful benefits we can enjoy.

So it stands to reason we can apply this in other ways. Add a 5 minute meditation everyday and build up. Learn a breathing technique and START to use it more frequently. Join a 5 aside football team, volunteer for a charity, create a reading list, sign up to an online course one hour a week. Join a craft group. Buy some watercolor paints and set up a place to paint in peace. Try indoor rock climbing. Join an on line dating group. If you want better digestive health – maybe every morning take apple cider vinegar in water, start a quality probiotic supplement or do some research around adding fermented foods to your diet. If you truly want weight loss, do that research, learn how the top nutritionists in the world manage the weight of their clients, look at sports people, cutting edge science, make diet choices that nourish your bodies biology not just your taste buds and emotions.

You get the gist…….

In summary what I want to inspire in those of you on grueling regimes focusing all that energy on dry January or protein shakes is to come from a place of abundance, come from a place of choice and free will. Come from a place of powerful mindful attention to what nourishes you 365!! Decisions you wont regret making even if they turn out not to be right for you. Explore the opportunity that January presents to really harness that motivation and momentum.

That is truly taking control and the real life detox. That is powerful and lasting change with the flexibility to play, learn and grow!

: – )

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